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Group Fly to The End of The Earth!

Sounds so dramatic, but that is what this northern area of Scotland is referred to!

Welcome all flyers of Microsoft Flight Simulator, students, pilots, CFIs and casual viewers. Come fly and discover some awesome scenery in the UK north. Add your own comments if you have information about where we fly. And if you are from the area, let’s overfly your house together!

We do challenge landings every chance we get even though we do have a flight plan. This isn’t your average, “Turn on Autopilot and talk about other things” kinda flight. This is focused on flying, discovering, practicing skills and enjoying each other’s company.

Come join me this evening (and every Saturday morning, Sunday evening) at 7pm Eastern Time (12am Zulu) on

When you get there, type !fly and !flightplan in chat to get the flight plan and server stats.

See you there. -Howard Forder


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