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Sunday Group !fly

We will start out with an amphibious ultralight of the strangest design at the Forder Resort & Spa in Alaska (scenery made by sj). Then we head to wherever the chat group wants to go. (you can download sj’s Resort scenery in chat with !resort

We could even do the return flight of the Norway flight plan for an hour if you wish.

Join us Sunday, May 2nd at 7pm Eastern, 2300 zulu to join in MSFS or to just watch and interact in twitch chat or our !discord server.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, May 4th, Tuesday Lesson at 5pm Eastern, 2100zulu

Wednesday, May 5th, with Jayne on the MSFSOfficial twitch channel for a lesson on Short/Soft field landing and takeoffs. This time we are heading out to a remote soft and short field with trees at both ends. Wish us luck.

Thursday Cockpit Chatter at 5pm. Eastern, 2100 zulu for cockpit photo sharing, discussions about flying with simulators and hangar talk.


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