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Flying Courses


Whether you just want to master Microsoft Flight Simulator or pursue your pilot's license in real life, Howard walks you through the process step-by-step, teaching you how to fly using a flight simulator through his online courses on Skillshare or Udemy. He himself started his training like this, which cut down on his costs of learning to fly by two-thirds!

Note: In order to participate in lessons, you will need Microsoft Flight Simulator, a flight stick or yoke, and rudder pedals. Head to the Product Reviews page to read more about which products and bundles Howard recommends for both PC and Xbox.



$49.99 per course

Discounts for Twitch subscribers:

Tier 1: 15% off

Tier 2: 30% off

Tier 3: FREE

Contact Howard for current promo codes

Skillshare is a subscription service that allows students to watch unlimited online courses for a monthly fee. Howard's courses are available to Skillshare members at no added cost. Check Skillshare website for current pricing.

Learning to Fly an Airplane: Beginner

In this intro course, Howard steps you through beginner lessons, demonstrates the skills, and shares videos of every flight skill for you to download and compare to your progress. You'll learn about:

- Handling your plane before you take to the sky

- Taxiing around the airport
- Correct takeoff procedures
- Speeds, checks, and level-off procedures
- Straight and level flight, climbing and descending correctly
- Approaching air spaces, entry and exit
- How to land

Learning to Fly an Airplane: Intermediate

Howard takes you through more advanced lessons in this follow-up to his Beginner course. You'll be practicing:

- Navigation

- Advanced maneuvering

- Compensating for weather

- Handling slips, skids and flapless landings

- Precautionary and emergency landings

- Short field takeoffs and landings

- Crosswind takeoffs and landings

- Planning and executing cross-country flights

Learning to Fly an Airplane: Advanced

For students who have already progressed through the Beginner and Intermediate courses, the Advanced course covers:

- More details about instruments and how to use them

- Instrument Flight Rules and Instrument Landing System

- Learning to fly other types of planes

- Destination airports and GPS

- Flying and landing on water (Float Plane endorsement)

- Multiplayer mode (interacting with other pilots in your airspace)

- Software and hardware add-ons (scenery, planes, airports, etc)

- How to pursue a pilot's license and real flying lessons


Take to the Sky and Fly with Forder!

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