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Adding Scenery to MSFS

Howard has been saying for a month now to “wait for it” as a ton of add-on scenery, liveries, aircraft and airports are on their way to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator market.

Thursday’s Cockpit Chatter session at 4pm will show how to find all this new stuff and how to figure out where your “Community” folder is. There is a lot of confusion around this location and how to find it. Howard puts his technical hat on and shows you how easy it is to find out where on your specific system.

Then you get to follow along as Howard installs the Space Coast scenery with the Falcon Heavy, as you saw on last Sunday’s group fly. Add a variety of Cessna 172 colours and a few other great scenery add-ons, all for free.

An update to the space coast scenery, Niagara Falls and other great free add-ons. Join Howard at 4pm eastern on Thursday.

Thursday, 4pm Eastern, 8pm Zulu at:


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