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Air Manager, Knobster & Shared Cockpit

You can have a touchscreen AND a physical knob to control your instruments

On Thursday, November 12th, 2100 Zulu, Howard steps us through the installation and configuration of a touchscreen to the cockpit. He will install Air Manager and then add the USB “Knobster” control to manage it all.

Siminnovations Knobster does it all.

As a second topic on Thursday, Howard will finish the configuration of his firewall and get the shared cockpit functionality working. Then test it for the first time with each of you.

You can see where he is heading with this one. Many of you have requested a discord channel so we can all be “on the same frequency” at an airport in multiplayer, then use the shared cockpit when helping each other out with flying or flying lessons.

Join in, see how it’s done and try it yourself. Stick around afterwards for a group fly.

Discord channel invite:


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