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An Awesome Group Fly-in

Thanks to SeedyL, BaltoXYZ and Barbahierrogame for joining me on this mountain float-flying journey. All well-accomplished flyers who handled their airplanes well.

What an awesome 3 hour event. I have learned that when we stop at an airport or a beautiful lake, give everyone a break for washrooms and refreshments!!! We will get better at this. Also thanks to BDLewis for joining in even though he wasn’t flying. Quite a few more viewers but not participating. They obviously like what they were seeing. Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator keeps surprising me and making me smile. We are getting closer and closer to the thrill and skill of flying and the satisfaction of freedom in the air.

We will be doing more with this versatile little amphibious plane and the ability to land anywhere and go anywhere. The Icon A5 is a real-life plane, although expensive, and we can all see why it is desirable by the rich and adventurous!

SeedyL, a streamer and real-life pilot too, here on a closeup surrounding me.

Here is the spec sheet for the Icon A5, taken right out of the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH). This is a fast-response light plane without autopilot, which makes it so much fun. But you have to pay attention to that airspeed as it crept up on my into yellow too many times. With practice and trimming a lot, you can keep this adventurer under control.

One page from the POH but an important one. Memorize the main 5 V speeds, Vx, Vy, Vs, Vr and Cruise speed and you will do fine.

Here is a photo album online you can view for more shots.

We also have two founding members of the ForderLearnToFly Flying Club which you can join by hitting “Subscribe” in the Twitch stream. You can even use your Amazon Prime membership to subscribe and let Howard have some of Amazon’s money. Subscribers get private streams, flying lessons and free flying courses on

To see the recording of this adventure, visit the twitch stream at:

Other Sunday night group fly-ins planned for the future include:

  1. Sunday, September 27th (7pm ET), we go Elephant hunting, and I mean with binoculars. There are a few herds in flight simulator. We will land near them, and walk over to be amongst them. They will be on the move, so we have to track them down first. We will be using a “bush plane” tail dragger to get there. Who’s up for the challenge? Details of the flight plan and settings will be found on this blog. If time permits, we will track down some other animals in the wild and walk among them.

  2. Kissimmee Gateway Airport – a VFR group flight around the vast Disney attractions, airports and scenery. There may be a Kennedy Space Center fly-by to honour the launch-pad 39A and B, where SpaceX now launches all of it’s east coast rockets.

  3. Rome Italy – Special guest, Elaine D’Angeli was a 7 year resident of Rome and knows Italy very well. As a voice tour guide to Howard’s stream, she will identify major tourist attractions, tell stories about Rome history and reminisce of her vacation days there.

  4. Toronto airport-hopping – There is a vast amount of airports in the Toronto Canada area, Howard’s home and the location of the Beginner and Intermediate Learn To Fly courses on and – Here we discover the bigger and smaller airports with a diversion to the Niagara Falls area and landing in Buffalo for some “Buffalo Wings”.. LOL

  5. Cairo Egypt – Back as a tour guide from a place she has lived, Elaine guides us around pyramids and down to the big dam where we attempt to land on the water before the dam and after the dam. Exciting and educational at the same time.

  6. Multiple planes adventure – We use our familiar single engine planes to meet at a major airport, then join a special guest Airliner pilot to fly to a remote location, then jump into our rental planes and continue the journey. The challenge is to fly the rental plane which has to be a plane you don’t normally fly, get the vital speeds, try to stay in a group while flying. Anyone up for the challenge?

More to come as viewer ideas are heard. We can fly to your home airport and learn about where you live and the surrounding area. You can be the guest voice tour guide as we fly.


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