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Cockpit Chatter: Airliner Controls

The perfect physical home cockpit companions to our “Fly the Heavies” Series

Tune in Thursday, March 4th at 5pm Eastern as Howard demonstrates two cockpit additions: an Airbus throttle quadrant and a Boeing Throttle quadrant.

These additions to your home cockpit just make flying the heavies more realistic. For those of you who have been following our “Fly the Heavies” series on Tuesdays with vnavpth, this will take your airliner flying to a whole new altitude!! (ha)

Join Howard and see how easy to make, buy or build this new addition to your home cockpit. (join our !discord channel while you are there)

Incidentally, paid subscribers get live lessons with Howard using YourControl shared cockpit and discounts on his online courses on

Tier 3 subscribers get unlimited live flying sessions with Howard and all his Udemy courses for free. (don’t forget you can use your Amazon Prime to subscribe!)


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