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Cockpit Chatter Thursdays

Every Thursday’s twitch session is about your home cockpit. Discover what you could have, what makes it better and how to get it.

This livestream twitch session will focus on various methods of seeing live gauges in your home cockpit so you can devote your main screen to scenery.

  1. We will cover an iPad solution to bring that six-pack to a touch screen above your yoke called Remote Flight Server. Six pack, moving map or radio panel. Easy to implement.

  2. We will cover two free ipad apps to bring the G1000 PFD and MFD to an ipad in front of your yoke so you can concentrate out the window. We will take it one step further and house them (2) in hardware bezels that have all the knobs and switches so we don’t have to fumble around with a mouse on screen. This is the Simionic solution.

  3. We will have a look at real gauges you can assemble and install into a custom cockpit panel as actual stand-alone gauges that connect to your flight simulator.

  4. And finally, the Saitek Flight Instrument Panels. Individual small screens, one for each instrument you can mount in your home cockpit.

Having a home cockpit with more than just a joystick and a laptop is a thrill to those of us who are practicing towards our real pilot license or those of us who are taking online lessons and need to practice in something more realistic.

Howard has 3 online courses for Learning To Fly on and and students who take those courses usually have more than a joystick and laptop. These Thursday sessions help to sort out what they could have and how good or bad they are.

Being a livestream, you can ask questions about cost or setup and even suggest your own discoveries in the cockpit. Howard encourages you to share photos of what you have in your home cockpit and comment about your experiences building something that is fun, educational or just plane nice to have.

Join in Thursday, September 24th at 2pm Eastern, 6pm zulu (or 1800 zulu) for this livestream at:

These live streams are open to the general public. You can also get private lessons and progress monitoring from Howard if you join his Flying Club. You can do that in the live session or by visiting his stream URL anytime by pressing the “Subscribe” button. Save even more by using your Amazon Prime to subscribe at no cost to you.

Howard’s cockpit at home with iPads displaying analogue gauges even though you might be running the G100 airplane.


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