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Discovery Group Flight

Although we won’t see this scene from the air in the simulator, this has a rich history of USA influence

Come join us Sunday evening, January 17th, at 7pm Eastern for a flight from Havana to Varadero, the white beaches for holiday sun at this time of year.

This won’t be a history lesson, nor a geography lesson. Just a casual group fly with a flight plan. Chat room discussion is encouraged and if you have some knowledge of this winter getaway, please speak up in chat with your information. We all learn something new.

Although Howard and his wife have spent winter holidays in Cuba, it was mostly in Varadero where the majority of tourists hang out… the all inclusive resorts.

When you get to the stream, type !flightplan to pick up the flight plan and load it into Flight Simulator, or type !fly to get the server and starting airport.

See you there.


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