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Emergency Off-Airport Landings

Come witness the scariest part of being a pilot… ditching your airplane due to engine failure.

An engine failure is rare in an airplane. So much redundancy is built-in and checklists are followed meticulously. But all pilots are trained in handling that rare moment when your engine quits and you cannot sustain flight anymore.

Join me Wednesday evening as I lead Jayne, her fellow student-pilots on voice and a chat crowd of hundreds through the process of handling an “off-airport landing” by gliding to a desired landing spot without the aid of an engine and propeller.

This will be on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Official twitch channel: at 5pm Eastern, 2100 zulu Wednesday, March 31st.

Student materials are provided including checklists and reference to book materials online. When in chat, type !material and !studentkit to get your materials and follow along.


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