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Group !fly – Sunday Night

The Canadian Tour!

The well-travelled corridor from Ottawa to Montreal. Then we add more to the trip in the areas Howard is familiar with: Petawawa/Pembroke, where he served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Along the way we travel through the busy capital city of Ottawa and the nearby Aviation Museum at Rockcliffe Airport, where the Avro Arrow legend can be found. Then on to the busy hub of Montreal Quebec where our final destination lands with the beautiful Ottawa river all the way there.

Come witness the group flight or join in with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. Anyone can watch or participate. Sunday, May 9th, 2021 at 7pm. Eastern, 2300 zulu

When you are in chat, type !fly (to reveal the server, usually EAST USA)

and type !flightplan to pick up the flight plan and load it into your simulator.

In the Ottawa area, we have to swing by and land at Rockcliffe airport where the famous Canadian Aviation Museum lives.


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