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Group Fly Sundays

Come join the fun. See if you can land your favorite plane before you run out of runway.

Join me Sunday night as we lead a group of general aviation flyers through the UK countryside, over the famous Victory sailing ship in Portsmouth Harbour and out to sea where we execute touch and go’s and attempt to land on an aircraft carrier.

When: Sunday, December 20th, 7pm Eastern (1200 am Zulu) on Howard’s twitch live stream:

It is suggested you download the free add-on scenery to get the aircraft carrier. If you are just watching, you don’t need the scenery. Download it here:

Yup, right out of flight simulator. Wow. Can you almost hear the theme from Top Gun?

Just a reminder that paid subscribers get private lessons and private sessions with full interactive audio. Join today for an inexpensive few dollars a month!!


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