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Group Fly this Sunday!

Join me for a casual VFR group fly-in Sunday evenings.

An open event for you to fly-alongside or watch.

When: Sunday, September 20th, 2020 1100zulu, 7pm Eastern Time up to 2 hours.

Where: ForderLearnToFly twitch channel:

Flight Details: At 7:10pm (ten minutes to start your sim and gather) we will be departing CYHC, a water airport, flying the Icon A5 plane so we can all land on the water in various locations. We start on the water and have two landing challenges during the session.

Two challenges: apart from starting on the water at Vancouver Harbour Airport (CYHC), we will be following rivers, climbing over mountains and landing twice in mountain lakes. Once at a 6000 foot lake and second at a challenging lake that few can land… Are you up for the challenge? No airliners or fixed gear planes need apply.

Planning: Starting airport is CYHC. If you start late, start farther up and catch us coming through at Squamish airport, CYSE. Please load your aircraft 15 minutes prior to take off and ensure you see others floating nearby getting ready. We will announce when we are ready for takeoff, as we will all attempt a parallel takeoff, heading north.

Weather: We will use custom weather so it’s evening, light clouds or clear for the scenic beauty of mountain flying. You select your own variation.

Multiplayer Setting: To see and be seen by everyone:

Server: West USA (if everyone disappears, change your server, change it back)

Multiplayer: All

Live traffic: As desired

Weather: Few clouds

Communication: chat window and lead airplane C-FLTF (Howard’s Forder Learn To Fly) Howard will be the only voice leading us through this flight.

As with all group flights, it is advisable to turn off both aircraft and terrain collisions. Although you can slew back to the group, most won’t know how. Just pick us back up when we come through at Squamish airport (CYSE)

Let’s Fy! As with all informal, public fly-ins, there are no checklists, strict flying rules and its an informal visual flight (VFR). Everyone is welcome, no matter what your experience level.

Subscribers: to the twitch channel have private fly-ins with more strict flying. You can use your Amazon Prime to subscribe to a Tier without costing you any more. Helps Howard support the channel and keep it going. All subscription money goes right back in to buy scenery or planes etc.

If you wish to subscribe there are three Tiers:

  1. Tier 1: Fying Club

  2. Tier 2: Student Pilot

  3. Tier 3: Serious Aviator

All subscribers have extra benefits and are usually simmers who want to learn to fly properly. All subscribers get more personal and private instruction at the airport of their choice. Tier 2 and 3 subscribers also get free access to ForderLearnToFly courses on (each course is normally $50) Tier 3 gets unlimited private flying lessons at the airport of your choice.

You could even subscribe to Tier 1 for 3 months at a discount and get a free flying course with Howard on (just an idea), then your monthly is affordable.


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