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Jayne Lesson on the MSFSofficial Channel

Jayne is the Community Manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Join Jayne and me in Lesson 11 on the MSFSofficial twitch channel Wednesday, May 5th at 5pm, 2100 zulu. We will be covering short fields and soft field techniques for landing and taking off. These are two crucial skills for access to smaller airstrips around the country.

Come and watch Jayne master a new skill that private pilots would have to master in their flight training towards their Private Pilot license. These lessons are done with Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator, released in August of 2020. They are for entertainment purposes only but are lessons taken from the curriculum from real flight schools.

Howard is her instructor through this series of Learn to Fly lessons. All lessons in this series are conducted on the Cessna 152 but can pertain to any trainer aircraft.

Yes, she really is going to land in the thin strip of a grass airport straight ahead, surrounded by trees!


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