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Landing Challenges: Group Fly

Come fly with us or watch the attempts!

Group Fly in Howard’s favorite water aircraft: The ICON A5. In this group fly event, Howard first shows us how to land and takeoff using the ICON A5 on water. But the rest of the evening is all flying together as a group and discovering the beauty of our land.

We are on the WEST USA server (different than Howard’s default). We are starting at Victoria International Airport on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

We will be weaving in and around the mountains and lakes all the way up to Courteney, one of Howard’s favorite land/water airports near the Canadian Forces Base Comox. We could have easily just followed the coastline to get there, but weaving in and around mountains is more fun.

Join us at 7pm Eastern, 12:00am Zulu at

When you get there, type !fly in chat to confirm your server and !flightplan to download the flightplan and load it into your airplane. You can optionally load your flight plan into LittleNavMap to follow along. See you there.

Subscribers to the channel get discounts and free flying courses plus free live lessons in a duo cockpit with Forder. Ask in chat for details. Join the Forder Flying Club today!


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