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Learn To Fly MSFSofficial LiveStream

The second in the series and if we get more positive reviews, we will continue in the new year!

Join us tonight all you noobies (as Jayne calls them), pilots and flight instructors alike. All are welcome as we tackle the second flight lesson for Jayne, the MSFSofficial Community Manager and Howard’s student in the learn to fly series.

It will be live-streamed on the MSFSofficial twitch channel Wednesday, December 16th at 5pm Eastern.

If you already have the student kit, you can download the modified checklist here:

There will also be five fellow student on voice-only to give Jayne moral support during her learning sessions. Once we going flying though, it’s all up to Jayne to handle the plane and learn the skills at hand. Wish her luck and tune in to see all this in action.

(the five students on voice are subscribers from Howard’s twitch channel: Forder Flying Club)


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