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Learn To Fly with Jayne

Lesson 5 of our multi-part series on the MSFSofficial twitch channel

Come join us today on the MSFSofficial channel for Flight Simulator as the Flight Simulator Community Manager, Jayne takes on the role as student again and performs the new skills introduced in Lesson 5: The Circuit

The main goal in this lesson is pulling all the previous skills together now and performing touch and go’s in the pattern, or runway circuit. She will be departing from 16Left at KPAE, Paine Field in Washington State, our home of our flying lessons.

Howard will be teaching this class and is the principal instructor and course designer of this series. It is not a multiplayer flight, as in real life, it is only between the instructor and the student so the focus is on the handling of the airplane through the different attitudes without the distraction of planes zooming by and aerobatics in the air beside us.

Although this isn’t on Howard’s twitch stream, it is on the bigger audience, MSFSofficial stream.

Join us Wednesday evening at 5 pm Eastern or 10pm GMT (zulu) on

Hope to see you there, join in chat, ask questions and interact with fellow pilots, instructors and newbies to aviation. Lot’s of fun!


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