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Learning A New Airplane Series

Our next few Tuesday Lessons will focus on learning to fly a new airplane. Many have taken the basic lessons and learned on a Cessna 152 or Cessna 172 just like real life pilot training. But when it comes to flying bigger planes and more complex propellers or engines, we just kind of wing it, and many times with disappointing results.

In this series of lessons and demonstrations, we learn the overall strategy of learning to fly a new plane and specific details on how to do that for 4 major upgrades over 4 Tuesdays.

Our first upgrade would be from conventional round gauges of a Cessna 152 to a Cessna 172 which is an easy upgrade. We just need to know the new Vx and Vy of the bigger plane. But this session will dive deeper into an upgrade from the Cessna 172 G100 plane (stock in the standard edition) to the Beechcraft G36 Bonanza with it’s retractable gear, high-performance engine and 6 seats. Faster and more complex, but not hard to learn if we use the right methodology.

Come join Howard as we learn how to upgrade to a new plane properly so we are confident in flying your new airplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Beechcraft G36 Bonanza – A high-performance six-seater single engine airplane in production the longest of any other aircraft.

A sample screen from this session. These are the overall steps we will take. Then we apply them specifically to the G36 in this session.

Here is the lineup for this lesson (G36) and future lessons on Tuesdays


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