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LiveStream on Twitch.TV\ForderLearnToFly

Hey everyone. Sorry to not post for awhile. Work gets in the way. I have been making corporate videos for companies in my IT trade by day. But my real love is flying and I have started a stream from requests from students in my and courses.

This Saturday, September 5th, 2020 is my first live stream on twi\Forderlearntoflytch so I can connect with my students and fly together. I will be using the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and staying around the Toronto Island area, which you are all familiar with in my courses.

It’s a first test if it is interesting for each of you and a way for you to ask for what you need.

Feel free to tell me what you need in a live stream and I will make it happen.

Later in the week, my first request was to show how the G1000 autopilot works. I will fly from Victoria British Columbia to Vancouver BC. Using autopilot and an ILS approach to Vancouver BC airport.

I encourage all of you to join in and even fly with me. MSFS has multiplayer built-n and you can fly with me in your own plane if you wish.

I hope you join me:\ForderLearnToFly

See you then.



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