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New Series: IFR

We begin a new series on Tuesday Lessons, covering this big topic by popular demand: Instrument Flight Rules. Many of us have been flying VFR and loving the low and slow, but the lure of flying through clouds, above clouds, through rain and dark has brought this series to ForderLearnToFly.

There is a lot to learn so this will be a series and run every Tuesday until we move on to another series. We can’t possibly cover the detail of ground school and the tons of hours of cockpit learning as in real life, but we can get a taste of it, get into the basics, file and fly IFR flight plans and get to know how to survive on instruments alone. We will also understand how to interpret IFR approach plates and make our own IFR approaches.

We will be using the stock Cessna 172 G1000 for this series as everyone has this airplane in all versions of MSFS and in the Xbox and PC version. It has everything we need.

Then we can move up to more complex airplanes and apply the same skills and concepts.

It all starts Tuesday, September 21st at 5pm Eastern, 2100 GMT on with the introduction to your IFR rating using Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. All the skills learned here can be practiced on other flight simulators.

This course series is open to all followers, subscribers, VIPs and moderators. Come join the fun of flying and learn the skills of flying on the ForderLearnToFly live twitch channel.

Remember, subscribers help support the channel with royalty paid music and graphics, enjoy ad-free viewing and no-delay chats. We also invite lead pilots and celebrities onto our voice chat. You can use your Amazon Prime to subscribe for free and keep the channel alive.


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