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On the Road to OSHKOSH

Our big landing challenge at OSHKOSH is Saturday, January 22nd. Many of us are travelling from all parts of the world to get there in MSFS. Join us Sunday evening, January 16th at 7pm Eastern to watch, participate and even fly along in multiplayer Microsoft Flight Simulator. Our family-friendly channel welcomes everyone of any age to join in. and type !fly and !flightplan in twitch chat.

We are going to need a faster plane for this flight plan!

We start out at Buttonville airport in Ontario Canada, Howard’s home airport and the one he rents his Cessna 172s from. This time we are heading north, up and around the great lakes and through to approach KOSH from the north. We will be travelling through Tobermory, Manitoulin Island and under the Mackinac bridge just for fun.

We will be passing by Green Bay, of the famous Green Bay Packers and the home of AceOfSpades, our solo airshow act and moderator on Howard’s channel.

In a standard Cessna 172, this flight plan could take over 4 hours. So let’s fire up the Caravan or the Kodiak and speed things up a bit. We will still do touch-and-goes along the way just for the challenge. No doubt, Howard and Andrew will be taking the Spitfire out of the hangar.

The famous Spitfire is a favorite of Andrew’s and Howard will jump in his and keep up.

This is all in preparation for the big event coming up Saturday, January 22nd at noon Eastern Time: The Second Annual Oshkosh Landing Challenge at ForderLearnToFly

You can get more details with links to sign-up and get the scenery at:


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