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Paris to Dakar News Coverage Rehearsal

Come join us Thursday evening as we rehearse our role in the Paris-Dakar endurance race.

We need flyers to start flying the route as if they are contestants.

We need those of you who wish to be reporters. You would fly/slew up to a contestant airplane, stay on their side as we ask them to use discord voice (as if we stick a microphone into their cockpit to speak).

We need to rehearse how to get your screen to Howard’s stream, typically discord screen share and ensure you have a microphone. This will all be demonstrated before you try and decide.

Howard’s stream will be covering the race with hourly updates on stream. We need extra reporters to do this.

Come this evening and watch/participate and fly part of the journey. We will slew to different airports along the way for “interviews” with pilots.

The actual race is this weekend, but we are rehearsing tonight:

See you there.


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