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Rome, Italy Tour & Group Fly-in

Sunday, October 4th, 7pm Eastern, 11pm Zulu

Come and witness a tour of Rome Italy like no other. Howard and Elaine will take you on a flying tour using Microsoft’s Flight Simulator and the photo-realistic scenery in the new sim, mixed with their own photos of vacations in the eternal city.

For those who have the new flight simulator, come join them in the skies over Rome as a group flight with two challenge landings: one at Circus Maximus and the other in the heart of the Vatican, St. Peter’s Square. Open to everyone to witness or to fly. Tune in to Howard’s twitch live stream at:

Along the way you will witness their experiences in the major monuments that tourists seek in the center of ancient Rome, all within an hour and a half. Everyone is welcome. Donations accepted, but not expected to keep the live stream alive.

Howard Forder will be flying the tour and Elaine (his wife) will be your tour guide. Elaine lived in Rome for many years, learned the language and has enthusiasm for this warm place in her heart to this day. This week is Rome. Next week is the surrounding areas and cities of Italy. Come and escape with us to the eternal city.

An open public event for you to fly-alongside or watch.

When: Sunday, October 4th, 2020 1100zulu, 7pm Eastern Time 1.5hours

Where: ForderLearnToFly twitch channel:

Flight Details: At 7:05pm (after we gather) we will be departing Leonardo da Vinci airport (Fiumicino) LIFR , flying the Icon A5 plane for slow flight flying to see the sights. Start your simulator 10 minutes before 7 to be ready when we are. We start at this busy international airport by the sea and have two landing challenges during the tour. (this plane available in all versions) You can fly whatever plane you are comfortable flying. Don’t forget to turn on the fuel valve in the Icon A5, located on the ceiling next to the parachute handle.

Two Landing challenges: Trying to land an airplane anywhere near Rome will be challenging. Normally illegal, here in the flight simulator, Howard likes to challenge fellow flyers to two almost impossible landing spots to take a break, use the washroom, refresh your drinks and take off again. Short field landings are in order as we plunk down in Circus Maximus and St. Peter’s Square.

Planning: Starting airport is LIRF. If you start late, chat the group and we will determine where we are from that airport so you can slew to us (Y key) Please load your aircraft 15 minutes prior to take off and ensure you see others doing runup nearby getting ready. We will announce when we are ready for takeoff, as we will all attempt a parallel takeoff, heading south along the beaches of Ostia. Tell all your friends. Anyone can tune in and watch and comment in the chat window. Ask lots of questions for Elaine or Howard.

Please start on the ramp near runway 25 so we don’t impede incoming traffic. Let’s try for ramp 105 as there is lots of space.

The ending airport is LIRU, Urbe but lots of variations to that route along the way.

Weather: We will use preset weather so it’s clear skies, for the specific reason of clarity when looking at scenery. We will be stopping and using a drone camera for closeups.

Live players, all traffic and preset weather to clear skies. Try to pick noon for best light on attractions.

Multiplayer Setting: To see and be seen by everyone: (All Players) The fun part!

Server: East USA (if everyone disappears, change your server, change it back) Xbox Userid top right. It’s about the closest server to you, not to the destination. (low latency)

Multiplayer: All

Live traffic: As desired

Weather: Clear skies and daylight (can change in session)

Communication: chat window and lead airplane C-FLTF (Howard’s Forder Learn To Fly) Howard the pilot and Elaine the tour guide will be the only voices leading us through this flight in an Icon A5 Light Sport airplane.

As with all group flights, it is advisable to turn off both aircraft and terrain collisions. Although you can slew back to the group. Chat to find out where we are and use the Y key to slew back to us. While Elaine is talking about an attraction, save your flight in case you have trouble and want to resume where you left off.

Let’s Fy! As with all informal, public fly-ins, there are no checklists, no strict flying rules and its an informal visual flight (VFR). Everyone is welcome, no matter what your experience level. When Howard pauses above a monument, you can choose to pause also or fly circles around him until he proceeds. (or save your flight in case you are in trouble later)

A note about the channel: keeping it alive.

Howard has no endorsements to finance the production and performance on this channel. It is supported solely on donations (one time tips), or Subscribers (monthly supporters).

Donations are accepted anytime and if you think there was some value in this production, please donate what you can. All proceeds go back into the stream to keep it going and make it better.

Subscribers: to the twitch channel have private fly-ins with more strict flying (real checklists and procedures). You can use your Amazon Prime to subscribe to a Tier without costing you any more. This helps Howard support the channel and keep it going. All subscription money goes right back in to buy scenery or planes etc.

If you wish to subscribe there are three Tiers:

  1. Tier 1: Fying Club

  2. Tier 2: Student Pilot

  3. Tier 3: Serious Aviator

Mainly used by flying students in real life (IRL) or in Howard’s flying classes using a simulator on and

All subscribers have extra benefits and are usually simmers who want to learn to fly properly. All subscribers get more personal and private instruction at the airport of their choice. Tier 2 and 3 subscribers also get free access to ForderLearnToFly courses on (each course is normally $50) Tier 3 gets unlimited private flying lessons at the airport of your choice.

You could even subscribe to Tier 1 for 3 months at a discount and get a free flying course with Howard on (just an idea), then your monthly is affordable.


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