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Saturday Group Fly: Bush Plane

We are trying the Mulviz PC-6 Porter on this Saturday Group Fly

Come join us Saturday, September 25th, as we shake out this new plane for MSFS made by Mulviz, the same company that brings us the Corsair. This rugged and unique airplane has a very interesting track record and is going to be a blast to fly in the back country, where it feels at home. True STOL capabilities and authentic modelling too.

For the group fly, Xbox and PC flyers are welcome and the rest of you can join-in and chat along with others as we collectively have a Saturday morning blast with a group fly.

The action all starts at 8am Eastern Time or 1200 GMT (zulu) September 25th at

Thursday, September 30th, we highlight and shake-out the Mulviz PC-6 in greater detail and over a variety of liveries. You won’t want to miss this one, complete with checklists, features, cargo loads and possibilities, like dropping off skydivers and racing full nose first to get back to the ground before the skydivers! (true) Come join us Thursday.

This caption, right out of the Mulviz manual shows this unique airplane.


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