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The famous OSHKOSH EAA fly-in event is over but we can all re-fly it anytime using the custom OSH scenery supplied by PilotEdge. I have published Part 1 of the event which is very long with chapters for you to jump to the parts you like. Part 2 is the north tower approach from FISK and is being finished today. All from the comfort of your favorite flight simulator. You could fly-in to this event using FSX, X-plane or Prepared simulators and we all see each other in the air and on the ground. Visit my YouTube channel to check them out.

Howard covers the whole flight from Portage Muni, around Green Lake, through FISK and on to the big event where hundreds of live pilots also flew and 10,000 more were already on the ground in custom scenery. This was an exciting virtual fly-in event.

While you are at it, visit the site and take a free trial. Real air-traffic controllers keeping us sharp while practicing on our flight simulators. Without this added realism to the SimVenture event last week, it would have just been nice scenery and a quiet experience.

Both parts of my videos cover a lot of flying and a lot of radio talk, mostly from controllers as it’s a VFR event and we don’t have to say anything… just “Rock our Wings”…

In a supplemental video, I will be covering performance of our flight simulators and computers. Things like frame rate, multi-cores, memory and software to tweak our computers to get the best performance out of them for our simulators. I ran into frame-rate problems during SimVenture and will cover that in the performance video.


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