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The Circuit

Don’t miss this important lesson, The Circuit. Some call it the pattern. This is a continuation of last week’s Tuesday Lesson on Landing and Airplane. Today, we learn how to keep airplanes flowing in an orderly fashion and test all the skills of a pilot.

All phases of the circuit are covered such as takeoff (climb speed), crosswind, level off/downwind, base leg and final approach to land. All the while keeping your speeds where they should be, your altitudes in check and your radio calls in order.

So much to learn in this lesson and so little time! Come and watch, then participate in the Jeopardy-style review afterwards to win points and other prizes. Then join in if you can in multiplayer mode in MSFS and try circuits yourself. Bring your friends, bring your family of any age as we are a family friendly twitch channel and we have a bank of moderators to keep it that way. Tuesday, August 24th, 5pm Eastern, 2100 GMT (zulu)


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