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The Circuit: Tuesday Flying Lesson

Join Howard Forder Tuesday for the next flying lesson. An excerpt from his Learn To Fly: Beginner course on and

Tuesday, October 6th, at 4pm Eastern Time, 8pm Zulu. Join Howard on the twitch livestream as he walks us through the airport circuit and how to determine directions and elevations very easily.

A quiz at the end of the lesson and then practice at Oshawa, Ontario airport, the topic of the demonstrations and calculations. (CYOO).

We will have a group fly afterwards if anyone want to join in and fly with Howard.

Where? How? (followers are free, subscribers join the Flying club)

Subscribers: to the twitch channel have private fly-ins with more realistic flying (real checklists and procedures). You can use your Amazon Prime to subscribe to a Tier without costing you any more. This helps Howard support the channel and keep it going. All subscription money goes right back in to buy scenery or planes etc.

If you wish to subscribe there are three Tiers. Just hit the “Subscribe” button in the stream:

  1. Tier 1: Fying Club

  2. Tier 2: Student Pilot

  3. Tier 3: Serious Aviator

Mainly used by flying students in real life (IRL) or in Howard’s flying classes using a simulator on Udemy and Skillshare


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