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The Famous FISK Approach to OSHKOSH

Event using Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (not FSX, Xplane, or Prepar3d)

Come join in the fun as we multiplayer group fly through the Ripon/FISK approach to OSHKOSH for precision flying and “landing on the dot”. A right of passage for aviators.

Do you think you can “land on the Dot?” Calling all MSFS pilots to get an insight on how this works for aviators into the worlds busiest airport for 10 days of the year.

Preparation session and distribution of the thick NOTAM on Thursday, January 7th at 5pm Eastern. After the prep session, you can practice fly as a group to both the 36 FISK avenue approach and the runway 27 railroad track approach. The coloured dots are on the runway… see if you can do it before the big event.

Then on Saturday, January 9th at Noon Eastern time, the even starts. All arriving aircraft will have to start before the FISK decision point if you want to fly in. You will need to register for the event as we can’t have anyone just dropping into the field and wrecking our separation approaches. Any skill level is welcome and all should obtain the NOTAM and follow the procedures for arrival. (registration details revealed Thursday evening)

Can you land on the dot? Each dot is 45 gallons of paint. Special FAA sequencing rules are applied. Simultaneous landing airplanes are in order to fit the 10,000 participating aircraft over 10 days!


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