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The Mach Loop Race

The ForderLearnToFly “Eye in the Sky” will be covering the event from way up!

Come join the fun today as a couple dozen brave pilots tackle the famous Mach Loop racetrack in the sky in North Wales. This challenging race for pilots keeps you on your toes and your eyes wide open. Famous for military displays of “Top Gun” material.

Categories include the low and the slow all the way up to the fastest jets we have in Microsoft Flight Simulator. No extra scenery is required as the stock photogrammetry is beautiful and is as hard to navigate as the real thing. Pilots have to stay low and make those turns. No time to admire the scenery.

We have our partner, Orbx, giving away prizes for the winners and two giveaways for the viewers. We have our twitch moderators judging and air traffic control. We have most of the competing pilots turning on their video cameras when they are not flying. We will have great coverage of the event from all angles.

Oh, and did I mention the ForderLearnToFly blimp?

It all happens today, Saturday, June 12th at noon Eastern time, 1600 zulu. Bring your friends and relax and enjoy. This is going to get crazy!


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