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The Run-Up

Join me today for an insight of this important function of flying

Our lesson this week on is the importance of the Run-Up

This important procedure on the ground is crucial to a successful flight once we take to the skies. Before tomorrow’s lesson on the MSFSofficial twitch channel with Jayne, we need to understand why we do this procedure on the ground called “The Run-Up”

Join me Tuesday, December 15th at 5pm Eastern time for an hour or so and join in the chat session and lesson as we present why and how to do a successful runup before we fly. Ask all the questions that come to mind during the session.

Remember, once you transition from follower to subscriber, you get private lessons with Howard using the “shared cockpit” function, just like in the Jayne sessions.

Once you see this session on the Run-Up, join us Wednesday at 5pm Eastern on the channel as Howard works with Jayne in the second lesson of Learning To Fly: Beginner series. See you there.

That’s our callsign in our Cessna 152 as we work with PilotEdge live ATC and cover Lesson 2 of the Beginner Series with Jayne.


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