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Thursday Cockpit Chatter & Group Fly

Come join us in twitch and interact with the group to show off your home cockpit. We will be looking at Howard’s latest add-on, his Spitfire Spade stick controller, made by Andrew on his 3D printer. Then we look at your pictures of your home cockpit. A great way to share and learn how others are doing it.

Join Howard on on his family-friendly channel. We have sim flyers and observers of all ages and it’s so much fun.

Stay after the cockpit discussions and fly with Howard and fellow simulator flyers or just watch the beauty of Microsoft Flight Simulator. We use the EAST USA server and we welcome Xbox and PC flyers alike.

Thursday, August 19th, 5pm Eastern, 2100 GMT (zulu)

Don’t forget that all subscribers become part of the ForderLearnToFly Flying Club and you can even use your Amazon Prime to subscribe for free. We also have “subscriber only” sessions and lessons.

Subscribers get extra benefits in twitch, plus discounts on Howard’s online flying courses. Tier 3 subscribers get all his online courses for free.


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