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Tuesday Lesson: Landings

Join Howard Tuesday, November 3rd at 4pm Eastern for an in-depth lesson and demonstration on how to land properly using a flight simulator.

The second-most requested lesson is on landing and airplane in Flight Simulator. For real-world pilots, ground school theory and many hours of practice with a CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) conditions us to automatically enter, adjust and land an airplane.

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 at 4pm Eastern Time, 9pm Zulu

For the rest of you who didn’t have the expense and the luxury of private tutor to help you with this in real planes, Howard takes you through the most important parts of a landing. Lesson first, then demonstrations of straight-in or circuit approaches. Instrument landings will happen in another lesson on another Tuesday.

No matter what kind of airplane you wish to fly, the principles are the same. In preparation for this lesson, search the Internet for a “Pilot Operating Handbook” or POH of the airplane you regularly fly and wish to land properly. That manual is what every pilot carries in their flight bag and has to legally carry onboard every flight. It will have specific speeds and configurations for your airplane model. Howard will show Cessna 172 examples.

See you in the session.


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