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Two Giveaways & More

Group Fly to both of these locations and a free giveaway raffle of both.

For the rest of us who don’t win, we can get the Aircraft Carrier set (of 4) using the code: 25off This is an aircraft carrier with catapult and landing arrestors. Any plane can do it.

The CityScape Sydney scenery is excellent and it is our final destination in the Australia Endurance race on April 3-4th.

If you still want to fly in the event, registration closes Sunday, March 28th, at 23:59 zulu. That’s 8pm Eastern (my time) today!

Join me tonight at 7pm Eastern for our Sunday night group fly and visit both of these excellent scenery add-ons.

A final note, Calling All Singers! During the Endurance race April 3rd-4th next weekend, Howard will fill the boring flight times with some of his own songs with guitar but also with his professional Karaoke license over twitch. If you can sing and would like to join in, join Howard’s Discord channel and direct message him. He will help you setup to do virtual Karaoke on his twitch channel during the event and some technical setup ahead of time.

Navigate to the text channel: #song-request-volunteer-singers


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