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We are Hosting on MSFSOfficial

Come Group Fly with US in Rome, Italy

That’s right, Howard is flying and Elaine is the tour guide as we fly out of Fiumicino airport (LIRF) (Leonardo Da Vinci airport) in Rome, Italy and tour the surrounding hills, then straight into the monuments that tourists flock to see. Along the way there are a couple of landing challenges for those who think they can do it.

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 at 4pm Eastern, 2100 Zulu and we expect hundreds of visitors watching the stream and 50 to 100 planes in the group flying together. Awesome!

You won’t want to miss the final landing challenge and group fly of all the planes that make it at St. Peter’s square in the Vatican, just for fun. What a memory this will make.

It’s not on my stream; it’s on Microsoft’s Official Flight Simulator stream:

Once you are there type !fly in chat to get the flight details.


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